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Energy and Resource Efficiency

The primary goal  of Northland Mechanical is to help our clients reduce their energy and resource consumption in their facility by:

  • Optimizing and maintaining the energy and resource efficiency of their existing mechanical equipment and systems.

  • Installing new energy and resource efficient mechanical equipment and systems.

  • Implementing energy and resource consumption reduction strategies to all building systems via automation and monitoring systems.



Our Values:

  • Respect Always treat people with dignity and respect. 

  • Quality:  Always do good work and the result will speak for itself. 

  • Diversity: Recognize that people bring many different talents to their profession. Recognize this diversity of talents as an asset that ensures success. 

  • Relationship: Focus on building and maintaining meaningful relationships with customers that benefit both parties. Always hold these relationships in the highest regard.

  • Safety Safety is every employee's responsibility, at every level. Always act in a safe and responsible manner. 

  • Profit Profit allows Northland Mechanical to provide all of its employees the opportunity to support their families through their good work. Always be proud to make a fair profit. 

  • Integrity:  Above all else, choose to do the right thing. If circumstances force a choice between making money and doing the right thing, always choose to do the right thing. 

Normal Business Hours Service Procedure

Monday - Friday 7am to 4:30pm call us at 763-544-5100 ext. 1 or send us an email request

After Hours Emergency Service Procedure

Dial 763-544-5100 and answer a few basic questions for the operator so they can determine if you have a plumbing or HVACR related service need.  Then an on-call technician will be assigned to you accordingly.

pdf Click for the procedure (PDF)

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