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TALON - The open protocol system

We give building owners the freedom to integrate via many protocols including the Niagara AX Framework, Lontalk, Modbus and BACnet. Northland Building Technologies also offers the ability to migrate existing installations including:

  • Delta Controls
  • Distech Controls
  • Honeywell
  • American Auto Matrix
  • Teletrol
  • Barber-Colman
  • Automated Logic
  • Johnson Controls
  • Invensys
  • Trane
  • Siebe
  • Robertshaw
  • Alerton
  • TAC
  • Schneider Electric
TALON System Architecture

With Siemens Gamma, you can now provide lighting levels that are precisely what your building's occupants needs, nothing more, nothing less. Gamma is a new, integrated control system that can achieve significant energy savings. Gamma's distributed control architecture lets you easily manage all aspects of your facility's lighting without worrying about single points of failure.

Designed for buildings of any size, Gamma's seamless integration with Siemens industry-leading building automation systems (BAS) allow you to manage your entire facility from a single seat of operation. With Siemens, you have a reliable partner for energy-saving, feature-rich lighting controls.

Siemens VFDs are easy to use, easy to understand and easy to program. This means installed cost and maintenance savings.

Siemens Industry's VFDs are designed to operate in all types of power situations or demanding environments. Their reliability is a result of extensive testing from design to deployment. This testing includes highly accelerated stress testing in extreme temperatures, vibration, and humidity as well as current and voltage variations. Not only will the BT300 withstand most power situations and demanding environmental conditions, it will provide confidence and peace of mind knowing that it will not fail, ensuring a long, trouble-free installation.

Northland Building Technologies Green Awareness Dashboard provides the opportunity to increase awareness of an organizations' efforts to reduce energy consumption and its' current results. Moreover, the module is generally displayed on large Digital Displays, which continuously cycle through hundreds of Energy Saving Tips, Real-Time Energy feeds, Organization headlines, Historical data, and various third party information sources. This is one way Northland Building Technologies helps educate your students, employees and visitors on the benefits of environmental awareness and energy efficiency.

Since 2005, Northland has installed several hundred instances of Tridium's Niagara AX Framework.

Powered By Niagara

Our staff has worked extensively with the following Tridium OEM products:

Facility Explorer Schneider Electric EasyIO Lynx Spring Infocoin
Distech Controls Vykon Honeywell Tac Solidyne